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Own Work Reading time: 1 Minute Year: 2020

HexMapper is a proof-of-concept that I work on in my spare time. It is an extension of the concept of the hexmap from the world of tabletop RPGs (think Dungeons & Dragons).

Examples of HexMapper

With a hexmap, a map is divided into hexagons, each with its own coordinate. In each of these hexagons there are opportunities for the players to embark on an adventure. Normally, you’d keep track of all these options in a notebook, whether it’s digital or analog. With HexMapper, this should be made intuitive. With a few clicks you can create your folder and then click on the hexagon and add quests, samples and notes. This way you don’t have to go back and forth between a notebook and a map and everything is clear at once.

Via this link you can view the current state of the project.