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Own Work Reading time: 1 Minute Year: 2017

Frontier is a TTRPG project that I have been working on since 2017. For me it is a project where I can create a world, make a game that I like to play myself, and sharpen my layout and user experience skills.

The game has already gone through several iterations. Each intended to improve the feeling of the game. The world in which the game is located has also had several variations. The core themes of this world revolve around issues that are also present in the real world. Think of questioning facts for the sake of gathering power, the irrational fear of losing one’s own culture, or clinging to false but simple explanations for problems with deep sociological roots.Frontier examples

Above here you can see a few examples of the graphical outing that have been done for previous iterations of the game. The illustrations, for which I have worked with illustrators from Brazil and Bulgaria, are also visible here.

While working on this project, I have been in constant contact with playtesters, but also with artists all over the world to realize my vision. In addition, I am also involved in the logistical challenge of eventually having the game printed. It is an extensive project in which I put a lot of time and energy.